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Random from most loved stock use

:love: Lovely work done using my stock!

My Stock Use & Stock Art Feature Series:
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Special Editions:
October 2015

Random from Stock Images

:love: Lovely Stock images from all over dA!

My "New Stockers on the Block" Feature Series
showcasing one new resource provider per issue
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Providing Stock & Resources - A Beginners Guide

Providing Stock & Resources - A Beginners Guide is aimed at resource providers new and old - I'm trying to give some tips and pointers based on my experience both as a stocker and a photomanipulator. If you have anything to add, feel free to comment, I still feel like I forgot soooo much. Any other comments are of course welcome as well.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
    Stock images, textures, brushes, premades & cut-out stock
    • ...give credit (with a link back here)
    • me what you've created (via note or comment)
    • ...redistribute my stock/brushes as it is (no repacks either!) - link people here instead -- my stock is not to be redistributed as part of tutorials packages!!!
    • ...create stock from my stock (incl. brushes, premade backgrounds)
    • ...upload your manips of my stock to the photography section - you did not take the picture, I did!
      YOU CAN...
    • ...use my stock for commercial use, incl. prints, book/cd covers, commissions etc - but excluding stock premades for sale!...
    • as long as you
    • more than minor adjustments (change colors, use filters, remove phone lines) - i.e. if it's your art you're selling, I'm perfectly fine - if you're trying to sell my photos, I'm not.
      YOU CAN ALSO...
    • ...use my stock to practice retouching/overpainting (i.e. minor adjustments, not full manips) as long as you keep to the rules above and upload to an appropriate category, for example Digital Art > Miscellaneous or your Scraps - NOT anywhere in Photography (you did not take the picture after all)! You are not allowed to sell retouches!
    • ...use my stock for reference in traditional art.
    • ...use my stock to illustrate webzines/news articles
    • ...create website layouts or dA journal layouts
    • ...use my stock in all kinds of personal projects
    • ...use my stock off dA (incl. ponybox, forums, etc)
      No need to ask! - just keep with the rules above especially concerning commercial use and all's good!

    Journal CSS
      If you use them, use them as they are or completely (!) exchange the images for your own. I put a lot of effort into my css and it stings when people tear the design apart to start mixing and matching my images with their own or those of other css creators. You can use the code as a basis for your own, but the images are not yours to drag through Photoshop - they are not stock! Also, please don't use the images individually for example as module backgrounds - you can only use them within the css.

      My tutorials are all (c) kuschelirmel-stock - I provide them for free because I believe in giving back to the community the help that I got when I started out. But that does not mean I want them redistributed and reprinted/copied all over the place. It takes lots of time to make them, so let me at least have the possibility to see all reactions first hand! I will not agree to translations, mostly because I cannot check if the translation is any good if I don't speak the language. Sorry, English only!

    I'm a process engineer who loves to create photomanips in her free time. My art account can be found at kuschelirmel. Here on my stock account, you'll find all sorts of resources from stock images to textures to tutorials. I don't have many rules when it comes to the usage, but I have a few and I expect you to take the time to read them if you download and use my stock.

    If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me via note or e-mail: kuschelirmel<at>

    Tools of the Trade
    • Nikon D90 with the following lenses: 18-105 mm, 70-300 mm, 105 mm Macro
    • Photoshop CS5 Extended
    • Coffee & Chocolate!


269 deviations
Tre Cime Dolomites 06 by kuschelirmel-stock
Tre Cime Dolomites 06
Photograph taken at the Tre Cime / Drei Zinnen in the Dolomites, Italian Alps, September 2016

By downloading, you agree to abide by my rules - you can read them in my journal
They're not complicated, even though they seem lengthy.

R E L A T E D s t o c k
Tre Cime Dolomites 01 by kuschelirmel-stock Tre Cime Dolomites 02 by kuschelirmel-stock Tre Cime Dolomites 03 by kuschelirmel-stock 

Overview Stock

:pointr: more Italy
:pointr: more Nature | Animals | Landscapes | Waterfalls, Lakes & Oceans | Sky and Clouds | Fantasy Backgrounds | Plants & Flowers | Forests & Trees
Tre Cime Dolomites 05 by kuschelirmel-stock
Tre Cime Dolomites 05
Photograph taken at the Tre Cime / Drei Zinnen in the Dolomites, Italian Alps, September 2016

By downloading, you agree to abide by my rules - you can read them in my journal
They're not complicated, even though they seem lengthy.

R E L A T E D s t o c k
Tre Cime Dolomites 06 by kuschelirmel-stock Tre Cime Dolomites 01 by kuschelirmel-stock Tre Cime Dolomites 02 by kuschelirmel-stock 

Overview Stock

:pointr: more Italy
:pointr: more Nature | Animals | Landscapes | Waterfalls, Lakes & Oceans | Sky and Clouds | Fantasy Backgrounds | Plants & Flowers | Forests & Trees
Begegnung by kuschelirmel


So, I've been a little awol lately. "Lately" being a word very loosely used here since my last journal was written in April and my uploads in June / July / August have been... limited. BUT there's a good explanation for all this actually and it comes with good and not so good news.

My boyfriend and I moved appartments - we no longer live in Frankfurt but are back in Karlsruhe (where we met more than 14 years ago). The appartment is wonderful and spacious, but atm also a lot of work. In Germany, you rent an appartment without any furniture, that most times includes the kitchen and it depends on your rental agreement if you have to renovate (paint the walls mostly) when you move in or when you move out. In our case we had to do it for the old appartment before leaving and for the new appartment upon arrival. Thankfully we had hired a moving company to do the actual move for us (pack everything up, incl. furniture, and transport it to Karlsruhe then put all boxes inside the new flat). That was a huge help, but since we are both working full time (and I'm still working in Frankfurt which means a quite long commute for German standards anyway), there is not so much being done in terms of painting walls, setting up furniture and unpacking boxes during the week. So you can imagine how the place still looks ;)

But being back in Karlsruhe is great. It's right next to the Black Forest and the French border and it's pleasantly warm (some might say too much so but I find I missed it a lot). AND I bought a new camera, the Nikon D7200, from an unexpected bonus I got at work :dance: :w00t: Also, we have a mini vacation planned in the Italian Alps in September, where the new camera will hopefully be put to great use :love:

So, the good news is, there should be loads of stock soon - the bad news is I don't know how fast I will be at actually uploading it ^^; But as soon as things settle down here, I'm sure I will get plenty of oportunities :heart:

In the meantime, I leave you with a collection of my latest faves (a massive collection! I LOVE seeing what you create! :love:) as well as my latest own artwork (which already uses some new stock):

Begegnung by kuschelirmel

Also, there are some contests going on where you can win exclusive kuschelirmel stock:

Mask We Wear - Contest

We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.” 

― André Berthiaume

“We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.” 
― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

“The irony of life is that those who wear masks often tell us more truths than those with open faces.” 
― Marie Lu, The Rose Society 

“Nothing is more real than the masks we make to show each other who we are.” 
― Christopher Barzak, The Love We Share Without Knowing

Hello everyone!

We're happy to announce our first contest! 

As you can guess its THEME is...

The Survival Road Contest!GROUP NEWS
Our first affiliate contest starts today!
If you're a member of Stewed-Tomatoes and/or ManipulateThis, you can enter the contest from either group;however, you can only have a total of 2 entries in the contest.
I always include this information with our challenges and contests because it is very important to me.
There are more and more pre-cut out stock for us to use now than there were eleven years ago when I started at deviantArt; AND there are a many more stock accounts that have 3D Rendered stock.
:bulletred: FIRST, Make Sure That The Cut Outs Are Legitimate Stock, not photos that the deviant is redistributing illegally. You do not want to contribute to someone's rights being infridged upon.
:bulletred: NEXT, we at ManipulateThis are Traditional Photomanipulators who use photo stock: However, it is okay to use 3D Rendered

hosted by:
manip-db and Stewed-Tomatoes + ManipulateThis

and another one :w00t:

Texture Making Contest 2016***2 weeks remaining to get your entries in!***
Welcome to the first contest I am hosting along with my fellow Stock and Resources CV partner, Cassy-Blue! The good news is: Everyone who has a digital camera (phone) and a computer can take part! You don't require to have any texture making skillset whatsoever. It's supposed to be fun and it's all about experimenting and trying something new :) Oh, and: no theme. We would like to see you go wild with your imagination. But remember, it's a resource so usability is important, too.
The Challenge
We challenge you to create one multifaceted texture resource that consists of at least 2 photo components.
To digitally assemble the texture from your own photo material, you can use any image editing software available to you. Don't worry, there is fantastic free software out there that I'm gonna link to below. A scanned image counts as a pho

held by

Stock Use Features

Four Seasons : Winter by AlexandraVBach

You've grown, little girl by saftkeks13 The Flight of the Swan by charmedy I Work Alone by DomagojTaborski

Dreamy Forest by Black-B-o-x

From Her Aching Womb by vethysnia  Red Riding Hood by LaLaMora Free as a bird by genivaldosouza

Secrets by TheHardCoreBunny

Lady Rose by KatZaphire ARE WE OUT OF THE WOODS? :COMM: by LUPEN-STUDIOS Solitude by Simplybek

Duality by OleWormius

 Tell her to find me an acre of land by Channeling-Spirits The hill by jiajenn Where Your Mind May Wander by Emerald-Depths

One star at time by alittlefancy

Moon Seekers by FrostAlexis Predator by gregnan Tales untold: Belle and the enchanted rose by SecretDarTiste

La Belle by nesekavak

Swan Lake by LaLaMora LIMNATIDE by Eternal-Dream-Art Simone by DeniseWorisch

Time To Leave This World by Arden18

Collector... by Dark-Indigo The Dream Of Nayade by Eternal-Dream-Art i miss you.. by ypoolborok

Cervine Lady by Shirokibo

Curiosity by Gejda Perpetual Night by JaiMcFerran Confine-in-a-cage by gestandene

My perfect company by Adriana-Madrid

Wonderful Sky by apanyadong Spirit of My Spirit by Pendragon-Arts Death Flower by apanyadong

Coeur actrice by 1simplemanips1

Stok Art Features

Lady Ophelia 4 by magikstock

Mystical Doorway - 2 by Violinscry Scull Rock by petronellavanree Neuscharfeneck Ruins Stock 16 by Malleni-Stock

Neuscharfeneck Ruins Stock 22 by Malleni-Stock

Pony22 by vivstock Ruins 04 by Pagan-Stock Tropical World 7 by PirateLotus-Stock

Stock 169 by Einheit00

Lion2 by FollowinTheBlackBird Lion 1 by FollowinTheBlackBird Pillar outside an abandoned Chinese Buffet by FollowinTheBlackBird

Landscape by TinaLouiseUk

Antique by Mango84 STOCK - Purple Bride by Apsara-Stock STOCK - Hurrem by Apsara-Stock

STOCK - Queen in Purple by Apsara-Stock

Dragon's Hand by Tasastock Stormy sea by darkrose42-stock Location_stock 035 by SilverLotus-Stock STOCK: Wicked Dancer by Apsara-Stock

Location_stock 49 by SilverLotus-Stock

Lormet-Children-0969sml-b by Lormet-Images Stone Fence Wood Gate 1 by OsorrisStock Wedding III by Eirian-stock

Bathtub purple 03 by Fuchsfee-Stock Casino of Nobles 3, Lviv by Dracona666STOCK

Brittany 03 - Seaside rocks by HermitCrabStock

Olana - The Studio by fetishfaerie-stock Childhood In Bloom 06 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria Stock Babs by VXLPhotography Harley Quinn 52 by faestock

Texture 255 by Malleni-Stock

Castle window by petronellavanree Gravensteen Castle Gent by petronellavanree background 10 by KarinClaessonArt

TextCha31 by jojo22 Weathered Wood texture by IdunaHayaPhotography

Firework Stock 136 by Malleni-Stock texture 037 by lucretia-stock Digital Texture Artwork 300 by mercurycode

Ice Texture 24 by Melyssah6-Stock




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